An integrated approach lies at the very heart of our business ethos. We consider all the angles when it comes to providing the widest levels of help, service and support for our clients, and apply the same approach to our people. We believe that a constructive work environment ultimately benefits everyone involved, including you.
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we assure you of our prompt and active cooperation in order to convert the possibility of regular business between our two companies in success for all the time to come.

If you would like any more additional information???’??a€???a€??¢a??a?¢???’?¢a??????a€????¢???’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????????’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????¢s please don???’??a€???a€??¢a??a?¢???’?¢a??????a€????¢???’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????????’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????¢t be heisted to contact us. Our experienced personal is at your disposal for any information???’??a€???a€??¢a??a?¢???’?¢a??????a€????¢???’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????????’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????¢s you need.

Telefax:  +202 22 638 659

GSM Mobile: +20 100 578 4659

+20 111 900 6216


Our Services
Consulting office for audit and taxes is one of the leading and fastest growing firms of business consulting, accounting auditing services in Egypt; the office is provides all auditing and tax services in Egypt; we can advice you on the consistency and reliability of your financial information, we???’??a€???a€??¢a??a?¢???’?¢a??????a€????¢???’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????????’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????¢ll help you improve the way that you produce and present economic and financial information to help you manage risks effectively.

team consists of a group of skilled Account auditing; who are licensed accountants and fully registered in Egypt and eligible for the provision of the follow services:

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Our Mission
As a leading firm of accountants and Auditing business advisers, consulting office for audit and taxes, aim is simple ???’??a€???a€??¢a??a?¢???’?¢a??????a€????¢???’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????????’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a€????…????a€????????’?¢a???|???¢?¢a€????…a€? to draw our experience and expertise to help you achieve real success. Fresh thinking, diverse skills and sharp eye for the broader picture mean that together, we can really make things happen.

What sets Consulting office for audit and taxes. apart from the rest of Egypt ???’??a€???a€??¢a??a?¢???’?¢a??????a€????¢???’??a€???a€????¢???’???¢???¢?¢a??????????a€|???????’?¢a??????a€????????’??a€????¢?¢a€??????1???’?¢a???|???¢?¢a€????…a€?s top Accountants and Auditing business advisers? Professionalism, flexibility, but above all, passion. Our clients? As varied as our skills, each advised according to their specific needs. we have the breadth of expertise to help you achieve your goals.