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Consulting office for audit and taxes is one of the leading and fastest growing firms of business consulting, accounting auditing services in Egypt; the office is provides all auditing and tax services in Egypt; we can advice you on the consistency and reliability of your financial information, we’ll help you improve the way that you produce and present economic and financial information to help you manage risks effectively. Services

Our team consists of a group of skilled account auditing; who are licensed accountants and fully registered in Egypt and eligible for the provision of the follow services:

  1. Auditing services
  2. Consolidation and reporting services
  3. Accounting and Financial Services
  4. Book keeping
  5. Tax Service

Auditing services

Accounting and documentary auditing, including the following:
  • Documentary cycle and accounting system
  • Used Documents
  • The internal audit system
  • The financial statements and analysis
  • Periodical auditing of the accounting of the company
  • Auditing monthly statements and analyses, to prepare the quarterly and semiannual financial position
  • Auditing and approving the annual balance sheet & income statement
  • Giving opinion on the financial statements & presenting recommendation to develop business
Corporate finance advisory:
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate valuation
  • Initial public offer
  • Analyze company financial statements
  • Prepare Budget and forecasts
  • Prepare Business case studies and evaluate
  • Investment proposals
  • Prepare financial analysis studies and presentations


Consolidation and Reporting services

We are there to support you long term – through your organisation’s entire lifecycle and key business milestones Consulting office for audit and taxes is flexible and we can adapt our services to suit your business type and your objectives.

Our consolidation and reporting services include:
  • Outsourcing of your consolidation and reporting needs
  • Information systems projects
  • Organisation and management projects
  • Complex operations and during organisational change

Accounting and Financial Services

We can step in and help you solve any problems as quickly as possible. We can assign you a management team, or take on a complex project, helping you meet the necessary regulations.

Accounting and financial consultancy:

Our Accounting team prepares monthly financial reports, annual financial accounts and reports for international and national companies. We use an automated system to control the internal accounting jobs costing functions of the office. We perform this by preparing expense reports, clients billings, Cash receipt and bank reconciliation statements.

Financial Performance

Our team at consulting office for audit and taxes has the expertise to help you monitor financial production and improve performance.
We can look at ways of optimising your administrative and financial reporting and streamline your processes by increasing the speed and efficiency of your work. We can set up management charts and put indicators in place to help you control your financial activities.

Book keeping

In the light of various book keeping problems, our outsourcing Book keeping services is keen to provide high quality of services to deliver a convenience and seem less, cost effective, accurate in time and supportive bookkeeping solutions.

Our mission is to present an accurate and timely turnaround of any company’s accounting bookkeeping transactions and a detailed report to keep touch with the organizations financial picture

Tax Services

We provide both national and international tax advice to a diverse global client-base. We work with global owner-managed businesses and European listed companies, but also with local companies, and private individuals. So wherever you are located, we can support you with local and global advice.

  1. Tax Declaration Services Auditing the company's accounts and documents subject
  2. Assisting the company prepare tax declaration
  3. Approving the Tax Declaration subject
Services of corporate & duty stamp taxes

Planning and Preparing for tax Examination subject thereto: Auditing the accounting and documentary system with a view to determining the data and documents required for examination.

  • Helping the company prepare the analysis and data required for the purpose of examination and examining, commenting on and recommending in connection with a sample of these documents assisting the company act in accordance with these comments and proposing recommendations thereon
  • Attending the tax examination with the tax administration auditors and answering any question during the Examination
  • Following up and replying to the tax forms issued by the Tax Administration
Services of Payroll Taxes

- Planning and Preparing for tax examination including:

  • Auditing the accounting and documentary system for payroll and determining the data and documents required for examination
  • Assisting the company make annual payroll and annuity tax settlements in addition to the analysis required and determining the required items to have their documents examined and preparing a sample of these documents for the purpose of tax examination
  • Making feedback in the light of the foregoing and discussing it with the management to comment on this feedback
  • Attending the tax examination with the competent commission and answering any questions during the investigation
  • Replying to the tax forms issued by the Tax Administration

- Consulting office for audit and taxes can assist and advise you in a number of other ways. We can help you:

  • Determine the most tax efficient way to structure your foreign business
  • Structure the funding of your overseas business, incorporating a country’s tax laws
  • Manage an effective tax rate and the timing of your transactions
  • Provide expatriate tax services

Tax Advisory Services

Can advise you on the increasing risk to your company due to the changing tax environment, by managing your tax planning in an efficient manner, Or implementing your organisational change in a tax efficient manner.

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